For those wondering, Speedy Needle is the nickname for a whippet which is the breed of dog I have.
Coop the original Speedy Needle
My name is Blake Heppell I'm from Southside Brisbane Australia and I started tattooing in 2009.  When I started my apprenticeship I was taught how to fix foot pedals, clip cords, machines and build machines from scratch way before I even did my first tattoo and over the years I've still always repaired my equipment before having to replace it . Fastford to mid 2020 one day my boss Luke Braniff came to work with a bunch of parts to build himself a switch box, seeing what he bought I then went out and bought the parts to build myself a new foot pedal. My pedal worked first go! Luke on the other hand had to do more research but later taught me how to make switch boxes (haha thanks boss). After months of research trial and error and without even being fully aware I had started the business I’d been wanting to and Speedy Needle Tattoo Supply had begun.
All hardware is handmade from scratch by me and is designed to be repaired if breaks occur. 10 plus years in the industry Speedy Needle only provides the best products allowing you to get your job done quicker without having to second guess.