Shipping and Returns

Shipping Policy 

All orders are subject to a basic background check due to the professional nature of the industry. Speedy Needle Tattoo Supplies takes pride in its equipment and services and if it feels the the customer is potentially in breach of industry standards and health and safety, we reserve the right to refuse shipping. A full refund will be supplied as a result of this action and a reason will be supplied.

All orders are dispatched on Mondays and Fridays, and express orders made before 1pm will go out on the same day. 

Orders will NOT be shipped if your social media is not attached to your shipping details.


Warranties & Exchange Policy

All warranties cover general wear and tear. If the product has been misused or mishandled the warranty will become void.

Clip / RCA Cords - Cords are covered for one rebuild. Warranty excludes the following:

- Damage done to the cord jack

- Roller chair damage

- Scissor damage

- Clip cord cover "rip and strip" abuse.

Pedals & Box's - Pedal and switch box's are not covered for excessive stomping and aggressive misuse.​

We offer a full re-build service for all of our equipment and a small re-build fee will apply so we can get your hardware back up and running again. Please email for rates and queries